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Walking on sunshine

An upbeat ‘80s pop song with a positive message.

Words and Music by Kimberley Rew Report song usage

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Comments about Walking on sunshine

Rimmer Report this comment

Posted 24th Feb 2013 03:38

I never stop listening to it. It is brilliant!

Miss Edwards Report this comment

Posted 5th Mar 2012 07:42

i love this song so much that i walked round my house singing it and mum told me to be quiet because she was watching emmerdale!

Mrs Cormack Report this comment

Posted 23rd Feb 2012 09:56

This is my favourite 80's song and can't wait for my daughter to sing it on Tuesday!

Master Newman Report this comment

Posted 1st Oct 2011 09:22

my school choir sung it at the sing in the park for loads of other schools and they sung for us at the rising sun country park and we loved it and we rocked!

Miss Buxton Report this comment

Posted 11th Apr 2011 04:18

I'm in love with this song, I sang it at school and me and my two best friends did a trio to the chorus!! When i sing this song it makes me want to walk on sunshine!! Anyway, It was really fun to sing and dance along to this song!

Jemma Forster Forster Report this comment

Posted 14th Mar 2011 03:48

We did it at school and my class loved it!!! We sung it in groups and it was fantastic fun! I love it!!!

Ms Farnhill Report this comment

Posted 4th Dec 2010 05:25

A brilliant, upbeat, can't keep your feet still song.

Music Felps Report this comment

Posted 20th Nov 2010 05:57

Great song i love it it rocks!

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