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Viking rock

Full of Viking gusto, this upbeat rock song has clever and accessible lyrics describing the Nordic way of life.

Words and Music by Matthew Holmes

Comments about Viking rock

Mr Hughes Report this comment

Posted 6th Jul 2015 12:51

this is the best song ever

Miss Coussins Report this comment

Posted 4th Dec 2014 09:55

My very musical year 5 class adore this song! We learnt it for our class assembly about the Vikings but they still regulary request to listen to it and sing along with it. A really fun and informative song!

Burrows Report this comment

Posted 25th Nov 2013 05:36

Gilbert stone primary school

Year 4 are doing an assembly about the Vikings

Debrajane Tyrrell Report this comment

Posted 30th Nov 2011 11:17

Miss Hughes made children in her class sing it in their Beowulf assembly.

Mrs Tidjani Report this comment

Posted 27th Feb 2011 08:50

Fabulous song and easy to learn. Thanks Sing Up!

Mrs Burgess Report this comment

Posted 26th Nov 2010 06:35

My class (Y4's) are performing this in their class assembly and are really singing with gusto! Some children have even said it's the best song they've ever sung!

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