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Monster mash

It’s a scream! This witty, novelty rap from the 1960s is populated with ghouls and vampires, with a guest appearance from Dracula.

Words and Music by Leonard Capizzi and Bob Pickett Report song usage

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Comments about Monster mash

Miss Z Report this comment

Posted 15th Oct 2011 06:39

I love this song!

Ms Banzaca Report this comment

Posted 8th Nov 2010 10:08

What a fabulous rendition!

Mrs Humphriss Report this comment

Posted 7th Nov 2010 02:20

The children loved learning this - it really got them back into the swing of things after half term and of course they had all heard it on Strictly Come Dancing which helped so we made up our own moves. It was great hearing them leave school at the end of the day singing it.

Miss Fan Report this comment

Posted 2nd Nov 2010 05:47

I got the kids to make up actions to the song using the performance and backing tracks. A real Halloween hit!

Miss Sufi Report this comment

Posted 13th Oct 2010 07:30

It's a monsterlicious rap. I like it!

Mrs Tuffin Report this comment

Posted 11th Oct 2010 10:23

yes, so do I... I can't wait to do this with my pupils! Thank you Sing Up.

Mrs Dimmock Report this comment

Posted 6th Oct 2010 10:36

I'm afraid I remember this from the first time around! What fun.

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