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My fantasy football team

Fantasy pets playing for your favourite football teams! Make sure your team is represented by adding your own verses about your own unlikely pets.

Words and Music by Maurice Walsh

Used by permission of Maurice Walsh and Manchester Singing School

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Comments about My fantasy football team

Mr Llewellyn Report this comment

Posted 26th Oct 2014 10:33

This song was the best back in the day, loved it....

Wain Report this comment

Posted 14th Jan 2014 04:04

amazing song heard it in the assembly today

Collins Report this comment

Posted 27th May 2013 04:50

I love football so I love this video and Chelsea are the best I'm seeing them for the 5 time in london with my friends at holy trinity primary school

Miss Bowers Report this comment

Posted 1st Jun 2011 02:27

my boys in my class came after singing assembly and kept on singing so i put this song on

Mother Davies Report this comment

Posted 17th Jan 2011 08:39

Who ever is on this from mount pleasant primary i miss you all and it is chloe davies who left 2 year ago mrs watson i will never forget you you was the best music teacher i ever had love you mount pleasant hope i see you some time soon

Mr Downey Report this comment

Posted 1st May 2010 09:22

it is a really good song, my favorite bit is "i've a hairy caterpillar and he plays for aston villa" because i support aston villa

Mrs Wallace Report this comment

Posted 21st Mar 2010 05:30

Footballtastic! A great song - This lines the best "Now my rattlesnake, called Patrick, went to Crewe and scored a hat-trick!" because I'm from Crewe!

Mr Eaton Report this comment

Posted 4th Mar 2010 07:21

It brought a tear to my eye - what a really soulful, meaningful and absolutely beautiful song. The children loved it too!!!

Miss Pickles Report this comment

Posted 15th Feb 2010 03:29

we love the song, i sing it all day

Mrs Boyd Report this comment

Posted 6th Oct 2009 02:25

we all think that this is the best song - really COOL!

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