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Sunshine in my heart

This ‘feel-good’ song is perfect for PSHE lessons, assemblies, concerts, and just whenever the mood takes you.

Words and Music by Alison Burns

Comments about Sunshine in my heart

Mrs Edwards Report this comment

Posted 14th Jun 2017 01:29

I'm looking forward to using this. Love the simple songs that allow loads of room for imagination and improvisation.

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 18th Jan 2016 11:36

Hello Ms Waddington,


Thanks for your comment - we're thrilled to hear that you like this song, and we hope your choir will enjoy it too! To print off the scores, simply click on the 'Scores' tab above, and then click on the score you would like to print. A new window will pop up with a preview of the first page of the score. You can then click on the small printer icon in the top left hand corner of the window to print the score. You can print off as many copies of each score as you like within the 12 weeks after you first download the song.


I hope this helps! Please do get in touch with any other queries.

Waddington Report this comment

Posted 16th Jan 2016 11:42

Looking forward to doing it with our new KS1 choir! Lovely, sunny, feel-good music. How do I print out the sheet music, please?

Hassan Report this comment

Posted 19th Mar 2013 09:19

Cool, this is my favourite song. It helps me to relax.

Rahman Report this comment

Posted 18th Nov 2012 01:38

A favourite in my class! This is a great song :)

Miss Edwards Report this comment

Posted 10th Mar 2012 12:27

Get involved in Sing Up... join the music... join the rhythm... and most importantly... HAVE FUN!!

Jemma Forster Forster Report this comment

Posted 17th Mar 2011 06:18

I love it, I like the style of the song. It's great and it's got a good beat! I like the words to sunshine in my heart, they makes me feel good!

Mrs Starkie Report this comment

Posted 27th Sep 2010 08:26

What a super song! Sang this with my special needs children aged 2-13.....smiles all round! They love it!

Mr Cullen Report this comment

Posted 22nd Jun 2010 08:11

This is a great song, I love the tune and the lyrics are great aswell, and when you sing it you have got a lovely feeling inside

Miss Jackson Report this comment

Posted 23rd Feb 2010 07:39

Really enjoyed this song. We sang this the other day with about 300 other primary school pupils at the Devon Mini-Mix. Brilliant and easy to learn.

Ms Lloyd Report this comment

Posted 14th Oct 2009 10:12

A great song, which lends itself well to signing. Few words and lots of repetition, so very good for a special needs setting.

Mrs Allen Report this comment

Posted 11th Oct 2009 12:55

Love this... I run a singing club for years R, 1 & 2 and so I am always on the look out for simple but fun modern music. Thanks!

Miss Andrew Report this comment

Posted 20th Sep 2009 02:58

This is very, very, VERY good!!!!!!

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