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Consider yourself

This song is from Lionel Bart’s musical, based on Charles Dickens’ 19th-century classic novel Oliver Twist. It crystallises the moment when Oliver is accepted into Fagin’s gang of young criminals.

Words and Music by Lionel Bart

From Oliver!

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Comments about Consider yourself

Miss Palmer Report this comment

Posted 18th Oct 2014 07:06

My class did this!


Miss Palmer Report this comment

Posted 14th Oct 2014 05:40

Well Done Magpie:)


Details Mountain Report this comment

Posted 28th Feb 2012 05:45

i love this song so much

Nurse Keen Report this comment

Posted 8th Feb 2012 03:51

The kids sang great and loved it too


Miss Tailor Report this comment

Posted 9th Nov 2011 05:04

Love it! Can't believe it's the only Oliver! songs on Sing Up!!!

Mrs Miles Report this comment

Posted 10th Jul 2011 04:50

the children loved it!!!!!!!!!

Ms Moore Report this comment

Posted 8th Jul 2011 02:11

I love this! My class is singing it in assembly tomorrow. It is really catchy, i dont know how anyone can not get it stuck n their mind ater singing it. it is a beautifull song. i love the film oliver twist. my class and i are going to watch it for a treat for them, but its more for a treat for me because i love it soooo much i dont think it has any olden days words so it is harder. it is much better so wish me luck for my assembly tomoz fingers crossed we can pull it off

Mrs Jones Report this comment

Posted 29th Jun 2011 02:39

We love this song - we think it is awesome! Class 3J and Mrs Jones in sunny Morecambe.

Miss Ack Ackerley Report this comment

Posted 12th Apr 2011 06:16

my class loves to sing this... they told me to put it on in assembly... wish me luck!

Jemma Forster Forster Report this comment

Posted 20th Feb 2011 05:18

I love it! It makes me feel happy and it is really very catchy! It gets in my head all day! I don't mind though, I love the song at it makes me feel very happy and jolly

Miss Kane Report this comment

Posted 25th Mar 2010 04:11

I really love this song! I only heard it for the first time at school today but I can't wait to perform! We are singing it in a joint concert which our choir was invited to sing at. I think Lin Marsh had really thought about the effect of this song. Fingers crossed we can pull it off!

Miss Withey Report this comment

Posted 31st Jan 2010 11:37

This is a brilliant song i love it my daughter sang this

Miss Rees Report this comment

Posted 15th Oct 2009 05:01

Love it! We'd love all the other Oliver! songs too!

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