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An uplifting South African hymn that has become very popular in North American church music. The title is Zulu for 'we are marching' or 'we are singing'.


Comments about Siyahamba

Ariana San Reis Report this comment

Posted 9th Oct 2013 08:42

one of my favourite childhood songs.

Miss Z Report this comment

Posted 15th Oct 2011 12:58

This is a nice song. I really like it!

Miss Perschky Report this comment

Posted 18th Sep 2010 12:09

This was sung at the popes assembly.

Mr White Report this comment

Posted 13th Sep 2010 07:47

This is actually being sung to welcome Pope Benedict XVI to 'The Big Assembly' at St Mary's College Twickenham - children across the country will be joining together to sing it as they interact with a live internet feed of the event on Friday 17th September. Great resources to help us learn it here!

Miss Stock Report this comment

Posted 27th May 2010 06:45

My class are learning this song at the minute and they have picked up the African verses easier than the English verses. They are also more enthusiasic when singing it! :)

Miss Perschky Report this comment

Posted 22nd May 2010 10:09

Great song. Really nice and jolly. I think that this song should be sung at services in church. Brilliant.

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