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Hey, Mr Miller

This is a jazzy song about Alton Glenn Miller, a well-known American musician, and his swing band.

Written and Arranged by David Machell 3rd section taken from ‘In The Mood’ by Joe Garland and Andy Razaf

Used by permission of A&C Black Ltd and International Music Publications

Comments about Hey, Mr Miller

Mrs Kinsley-railton Report this comment

Posted 23rd Nov 2014 04:39

Hi, I received the sample plans for this song which look fantastic. However I can't try this out with my class without the music. Is it possible to download as a trial? I have become a friend and wanted to show my new school how fantastic sing up is. Thanks for your help.

Mr Wharton Report this comment

Posted 28th Mar 2014 09:13

Accompaniment page would not open or download.

The Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 26th Feb 2014 12:01

Dear Rathburn,


What should happen when you open the sheet music is that it should come up with a black screen for a few seconds, and then the music should appear. If the music doesn’t appear, it’s worth just closing the window and opening it again. You are only able to have one lot of sheet music open at once, so if there are any other sheet music windows open this will also stop it from opening properly.


I hope that this helps, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.


Kind regards,


Sing Up Support

Rathburn Report this comment

Posted 25th Feb 2014 09:48

Great Song! I'm having difficulty printing out. I'm using chrome but whenever I click on the resources the pop up comes up either just black or the music shows for a minute and then goes black.



Mr Holland Report this comment

Posted 14th Feb 2012 12:13

It is one of the coolest jazzy songs that I have ever heard!!! It is brilliant.

Tollgatewy Lloyd Report this comment

Posted 22nd Nov 2011 12:34

my son loved it

Miss Musa Report this comment

Posted 14th May 2011 08:17

I learned this song in school

Mr Marples Report this comment

Posted 27th Feb 2011 04:53

Really brilliant song

Miss Doo Doodman Report this comment

Posted 14th Jan 2011 06:33

This song is brilliant! Me and my family group up into three and sing this song in three parts.

Ms Smith Report this comment

Posted 5th Sep 2010 09:49

This is great, we had the whole school singing it in 3 parts. well worth trying!

Mrs Marr Report this comment

Posted 7th Jul 2010 09:42

My daughter loves this and we sing it at home a lot. A good way of changing the mood quickly.

Miss Critchley Report this comment

Posted 16th Mar 2010 06:00

I love it!!

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