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Mo li hua (Jasmine flower)

This is a traditional Chinese song with a beautifully gentle and lyrical melody. The lyrics about the jasmine flower also turn it into a love song.

Arranged by Cheng Yu

Lyrics traditional Chinese (Jiangsu province)


Comments about Mo li hua (Jasmine flower)

Mrs Bull Report this comment

Posted 29th Dec 2014 10:35

An echo track would be useful as the lyrics are very fast to learn :)

Miss Z Report this comment

Posted 14th Oct 2011 06:46

I love this song. It's so relaxing!

Mrs Pantlin Report this comment

Posted 20th May 2011 12:38

A wonderful arrangement of this beautiful song. The children absolutely love it and even year 1 have managed to learn the song. I can't wait for the children to perform it at our end of year school production.

Florence Eruohwo Report this comment

Posted 19th Mar 2011 11:03

i love it

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