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Working with choirs
Working with choirs
Experienced vocal leaders Richard Frostick and Sue Hollingworth share their strategies for working with choirs. They discuss their strategies for developing pitch, learning repertoire, encouraging music-reading and developing a beautiful 'choral' sound.
Keep boys singing
Keep boys singing
Good vocal leaders are willing to try a range of approaches that help people improve, highlighting opportunities for development. Richard Frostick explains how he nurtures the progression of young male singers aged 6-18 as their voices change.
Going for quality
Going for quality
A guide to improving the overall quality of your singing. Lin Marsh, an experienced vocal leader, takes us through some practical ideas about exploring tone, articulation, vowels and vocal timbre alongside conducting and use of gesture.
Inspire expressive performances
Inspire expressive performances
We asked vocal leaders working in different settings what techniques they use to encourage their singers to create a musically expressive sound.
Sparkling seasonal singing
Sparkling seasonal singing
A live webinar taken from our event hosted by Michelle James and led by singing leader Gitika Partington. Make your seasonal celebrations sparkle this festive season.
Take care of those voices
Take care of those voices
Make sure you're taking good care of your singers' voices. In this short film, vocal leaders tell us why physical and vocal warm-ups are so important, and share their hints and tips for getting singers ready to sing.

Inside the voice

Inside the voice is Sing Up’s authoritative handbook for the spoken and singing voice, created by Stuart Barr and Jenevora Williams. Produced for classroom teachers and other professional voice users, this accessible and engaging resource tells you everything you need to know about how your voice works, and how you can look after it. Read more.

Technique videos


Breathing and good voicing

Technique 1

Avoiding constriction in the larynx

Technique 2

Tone onset

Technique 3

Releasing tongue tension

Technique 4

Projected resonance

Technique 5

Soft palate

Technique 6

Warm-up videos


Wake up and balance the body

Warm-up 1


Warm-up 2

Release the throat

Warm-up 3

The vocal folds

Warm-up 4

Explore resonance

Warm-up 5

Clarify articulation

Warm-up 6
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