'Let love shine through' lyric video

Use this fun-filled visual aid to inspire your singers with the 2017 Sing Up Day song

Let love shine through – our 2017 Sing Up Day anthem – is an inspirational and upbeat song, with flexible vocal parts, about diversity and individuality.

This lyric video will help you explore the meaning of the lyrics of this song, and makes a great visual aid for rehearsals and performances. Click here for a backing track only version.

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Comments about 'Let love shine through' lyric video

Mr Cvercko Report this comment

Posted 10th Jan 2018 04:31

love it!

Miss Barden Report this comment

Posted 22nd Mar 2017 03:19

Just used this with 200 children from across Petworth are at West Sussex Music celebrating Sing Up Day together. Joyful!

Mrs Macro Report this comment

Posted 21st Mar 2017 01:49

I will be using this with our singing club tonight for our final practice before the event tomorrow.

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