Improvise your way into songwriting

Combine elements from familiar songs to improvise and compose new ones in this Music Project for KS3 & 4

This project provides an accessible and friendly way into improvising for pupils at KS3 and 4. The emphasis is on developing the ability to ‘hear’ new melody lines over familiar harmonic sequences, and to vocalise these new ideas. It works best as a whole-class or group activity, and can be differentiated to accommodate those new to improvising as well as confident singers with some experience of creating melodies. It’s a great way to develop complex aural skills, and for teachers less comfortable with improvising it is a manageable approach that doesn’t require expert knowledge or experience.

The project can be easily developed into instrumental work, and is an ideal introduction to songwriting projects.


  • Improvising
  • Songwriting
  • Melody
  • Accompaniment
  • Internalising
  • Intonation

Download the 'Improvise your way into songrwiting' Music Project PDF


Written by Francesca Christmas. Francesca is an ex-secondary school music teacher, now working as Head of Academic Governance for Music at Trinity College London. She’s a vocal specialist with lots of experience of working with teachers to develop high quality singing and vocal leadership.

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