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Are pupils in your class itching to have a go at leading singing? Try the Leading voices activity packs, which will help them develop the skills needed to become Young Singing Leaders!

Each pack contains activities, tips and tricks for vocal leadership in a variety of settings, from teaching a song to a friend, to leading a session with a group of singers.

There are four packs in total, two for pupils at KS2 and two for KS3. To use them, simply print them out on A4 for your pupils to keep in a ring binder or stick in a journal.

We’ve provided lots of space for pupils to write about their vocal leadership experiences, although you might want to give them extra sheets to keep track of their ideas as they learn. You could also encourage them to visit the Song Bank, where they can see the songs we’ve used as examples and choose other repertoire to lead.

Also available is the Leading voices booklet, written especially for teachers working with Young Singing Leaders. Download your copy here.

Download Leading Voices for KS2 Getting started

Download Leading Voices for KS2 Moving on

Download Leading Voices for KS3 Getting started

Download Leading Voices for KS3 Moving on

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