NTC's top tips for boosting creativity in your choir

National Teacher's Choir's General Manager Baz Chapman and Musical Director Ula Weber share top tips to boost creativity in your choir

Take the chorus from a Song Bank song like Something inside so strong. You could teach the harmonies written, but why not get creative and try your own? It’s brilliant for developing listening skills and musicality.

  • Everyone stands in a circle. Sing the chorus to them, then teach it line by line.
  • Now get everyone to turn and face outwards and close their eyes.
  • Sing the chorus to them all the way through.
  • Sing it again, this time with them humming along, but get them to concentrate on the accompaniment*.
  • Sing it again, this time asking them to hum their own made up harmonies if they wish to (if not, they can hum the tune with you).
  • Do this again, so they can refine their harmony.
  • Now sing it together with the words.
  • Finally, get them to open their eyes and turn to face each other, singing with confidence and really enjoying the harmonies. It usually sounds absolutely fabulous!

What are your favourite ways to learn creatively in your choir? Let us know in the comments below.


*N.B. Something inside so strong really needs an accompanist, so the singers have a foundation for their harmonies. If you don’t have an accompanist, pick a simpler tune (e.g. A Keelie) and try it unaccompanied.

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