Rhythmic scientific

Science. Start with this:
A question or hypothesis.
Then experiment, do your best.
Put your prediction to the test.
Learn to observe and identify.
Prepare to compare and classify.
Use equipment carefully,
Working safely, systematic’ly.

Data. The information
Recorded from your investigation.
Data, from your experiments.
Gathering evidence, make those measurements.
Data. Take my advice:
Keep it accurate, be precise.
Data. Now are you able
To draw a chart, a graph or table?

Take your results, do some analysis.
Take it back to your hypothesis.
See that pattern? Spot that diff’rence?
Draw conclusions from your evidence.
Then finally it’s time to act.
Present your findings, use the facts.
Tell ev’ryone the things you know.
You’re a scientist now, come on, let’s go!