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Our flexible and comprehensive Membership based on our Learning Framework includes all you need to make your school a singing school. 

The perfect complement to core subjects, singing enhances learning retention, language development, listening skills, and concentration. Join us today!


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Get a flavour of Sing Up Membership's unparalleled resources, training and support. 

Begin exploring the world-famous Song Bank with a selection of 10 songs. Our Free Trial also gives you access to our Assembly and Activity Plans and more.

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Full Membership for Individuals & Freelancers


  • 20 song download credits
  • unlimited streams (online plays) of all our songs
  • The Sing Up Learning Framework featuring monthly Assembly, Topic and Music plans
  • digital training and live webinars

Perfect for Individuals and Freelancers, flexible
and adaptable to fit your needs. 

For more, top up with a Magazine subscription featuring 10 new songs per term, advice, ideas and more.

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Full Membership for Schools & Organisations

£135 - £245*

  • 40 - 75 song download credits
  • 3 issues of the Sing Up Magazine & CD with 10 BRAND NEW songs every term plus tips and ideas
  • unlimited streams (online plays) of all our Song Bank songs
  • The Sing Up Learning Framework featuring monthly Assembly, Topic and Music plans
  • digital training and live webinars

The complete singing solution for schools - perfect for putting singing at the heart of your school life.

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* School size is dependent on pupil roll statistics. Small - £135 (up to 100 pupils), Medium £195 (101 - 250 pupils), Large - £245 (over 251 pupils)
PLEASE NOTE: Only Members are able to purchase extra download credits and copies of the Sing Up Magazine.

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