Sporty songs

Get creative and write your own sport themed songs

Sporty songs

With the help of Vocal Force, we've been launched a project that helps PE coordinators explore songwriting techniques - and demonstrates how to use singing as a tool on the field, in the classroom and throughout the school day.

The song below is an example of the lyrics created from one of the songwriting workshops. Check it out - and have a go yourself!

Find out more about the project in our Magazine article, Sing when you're winning.

For more helpful tips, check out our Create your own songs page.

Good News – Football Version

Adapted from gospel spiritual – Good news chariot’s coming by Claire Tustin and Sam Allen 2002 and Sharon Durant 2010

Good News Rooney’s Scoring  x3  We’ve just scored a goal
1-nil, 1-nil, 1-nil, we’ve just scored a goal. Ooh England

Rap:    Here comes Rooney on the attack. Bringing it back to the back of the net like that

Good news Cole is scoring  x3  We’ve just scored a goal
2-nil, 2-nil, 2-nil, we’ve just scored a goal. Ooh England

Rap:    And it’s Ashley Cole, come on Cole, we're on a roll. Out on his own and he's scoring a goal

Oh no Ronaldo’s scoring  x3  Then Upson knocks it clear
2-nil, 2-nil, 2-nil, then Upson knocks it clear. Ooh England

Rap:    There goes Renaldo. We’re gonna concede but the man Matt Upson knocks it clear with his heed

Good news Lampard’s scoring  x3  We’ve just won the match
3 – nil, 3-nil, 3-nil we’ve just won the match ooh England

It’s Lampard’s ball and he’s beaten them all
Bends it right past the defenders’ wall

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