The Awards

The Sing Up Awards are a great way to celebrate your singing achievements! Watch our film, featuring former Singing Ambassador, Howard Goodall, about how important the Awards are for a school's singing development.

"Through completing our Award, the profile of music and singing within the school and community has grown from strength to strength.  Singing has brought our school together"

What's so great about singing?

Singing can support children's learning, helping to raise standards within your school. It also helps develop confidence in both pupils and teachers and it helps build communities. Don't forget, it's also good for you and lots of fun!


What about the Awards?

The Awards criteria have been updated to make them accessible to all primary settings, showing clearer progression as well as integrating the Principles of Good Quality Vocal Leadership.

The Sing Up Awards are a great way to help map your singing journey, providing support and guidance. The key features of the Sing Up Awards are:

  • Accessible – all schools for primary-aged children can work towards and achieve an Award. This includes SEN schools which incorporate a wider age range
  • Flexible – you can tailor the Awards to suit your needs and circumstances
  • Support – taking part can connect your school to a supportive singing community
  • Journey – you build an online portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your school singing activity
  • Timeframe – an Award can be achieved within an academic year.
  • Professional development  – the Awards support you to develop your singing practice and impact on the quality of singing and singing leadership across the school.
  • Progression – there is clear progression for pupils, staff, SMT and Governors within four strands: Participation, Breadth & Diversity, Leadership and Vision.
  • Achievement – a Sing Up Award can help bring about long term positive changes in your school life.
  • Recognition – the Awards recognise your school's singing achievements and success

For more information about the Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards please use the orange buttons on the left.

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Not a school? If you love singing and Sing Up but you can't apply for an Award, get in touch with any schools you know and let them know about Sing Up, the Awards and the benefits of singing.

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