The Awards

The Sing Up Awards are a great way to celebrate your singing achievements! Watch our film, featuring former Singing Ambassador, Howard Goodall, about how important the Awards are for a school's singing development.

"Through completing our Award, the profile of music and singing within the school and community has grown from strength to strength.  Singing has brought our school together"

What's so great about singing?

Singing can support children's learning, helping to raise standards within your school. It also helps develop confidence in both pupils and teachers and it helps build communities. Don't forget, it's also good for you and lots of fun!


What about the Awards?

The Awards criteria have been updated to make them accessible to all primary settings, showing clearer progression as well as integrating the Principles of Good Quality Vocal Leadership.

The Sing Up Awards are a great way to help map your singing journey, providing support and guidance. The key features of the Sing Up Awards are:

  • Accessible – all schools for primary-aged children can work towards and achieve an Award. This includes SEN schools which incorporate a wider age range
  • Flexible – you can tailor the Awards to suit your needs and circumstances
  • Support – taking part can connect your school to a supportive singing community
  • Journey – you build an online portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your school singing activity
  • Timeframe – an Award can be achieved within an academic year.
  • Professional development  – the Awards support you to develop your singing practice and impact on the quality of singing and singing leadership across the school.
  • Progression – there is clear progression for pupils, staff, SMT and Governors within four strands: Participation, Breadth & Diversity, Leadership and Vision.
  • Achievement – a Sing Up Award can help bring about long term positive changes in your school life.
  • Recognition – the Awards recognise your school's singing achievements and success

For more information about the Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards please use the orange buttons on the left.

A school, but not a Member? Get Membership now to start your Awards journey today!

Not a school? If you love singing and Sing Up but you can't apply for an Award, get in touch with any schools you know and let them know about Sing Up, the Awards and the benefits of singing.

Comments about The Awards

Yong Report this comment

Posted 2nd Feb 2014 01:38

kingstone and truorston are the best

Mrs Clegg Report this comment

Posted 4th Dec 2013 10:48


How is it so many schools have received awards this year when their is no way of up loading.

Do we send the paper copy into you and how do we send the video evidence

Ms Trollope Report this comment

Posted 6th Feb 2012 09:34

For those of you who are thinking about applying for a Sing Up award please think no more just take the first step believe in yourself and just do it.


If you are reading these comments you will see my comment above about the difficulties I faced but Sing Up got on board and supported us through the problems and we are now the very proud owners of our Gold Award.


The news just gets better as we have been invited as a school to pilot the new Platinum Awards framework and I am absolutely delighted to share with you all that we have passed the written application and are eagerly awaiting our assessment in school to hopefully complete the second stage. The whole process was so much easier than having to upload evidence and handwriting the form gave me a chance to portray the character and very special qualities we feel we have to apply for Platinum status and we are so looking forward to the next stage.


The support and enthusiasm from many people at Sing Up to help us has been amazing and so very valuable and I have very much enjoyed being part of this new pilot scheme.


When I first applied for a Sing Up award online I would have been so delighted to have got silver but on typing the information in was so surprised that we were very clearly meeting the criteria for Gold we have worked really hard over the past year to improve and hopefully very soon will hear if we can become proud recipients of Platinum.


If anyone out there would like help or advice about any part of the awards scheme I would be very willing to support you or just encourage you to give it a go.

My contact details are keep singing and if you apply or are waiting for results good luck !!!!!!

Miss Swift Report this comment

Posted 14th Nov 2011 10:33

Grazebrook School, Stoke Newington London has just won it's Silver Sing Up Award!! Well done to all the kids and staff who have worked so hard to get this far, Gold Next! x Miss Swift

Allen Thomas Report this comment

Posted 13th Feb 2011 07:34

i love it

Mrs Cousins Report this comment

Posted 18th Dec 2010 05:02

Clatford school are BEST!

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