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Collecting evidence

By documenting your singing activity and uploading it onto Your Awards Profile you're working towards your Sing Up Award. There are so many ways to demonstrate your passion for singing. See our examples below - you may be closer than you think!

  • Minutes from staff meetings
  • Class timetables or singing charts
  • Audio tracks of your end of term concert
  • Photos of your Headteacher singing in assembly
  • Video footage of a singing assembly
  • Programmes from your Christmas Carol concerts

There are more ideas on collecting evidence inside your Awards Handbook.

Our whole website is packed full of stories and advice to inspire you:

"Go for it! Set yourself small achievable targets, that way you experience the feeling of success quickly. Aiming for a Sing Up Award is a great motivator." – Wylam First School. 

Comments about Ideas & Tips

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 12th Oct 2012 12:06

Dear Mrs Archbold


Your Awards Profile is currently unavailable as we are updating it with the new Awards Framework.


If you email the Awards team at then they will make sure to let you know as soon as it is available. They can also send you the forms so you can start your journey offline in the meantime.


Mrs Archbold Report this comment

Posted 12th Sep 2012 10:14

Hi, I can download the handbooks, but cannot access my Awards Profile, it keeps kicking me out to the log in homepage! Is this just happening to me, or is this area unavailable at the moment?

Mrs Archbold.

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 6th Dec 2011 03:51

Hi Miss Pascoe,

I've forwarded your enquiry on to our dedicated Awards department who will be in touch soon. Best of luck with your award!

Miss Pascoe Report this comment

Posted 1st Dec 2011 04:49

We were awarded the Gold award in January this year and as a school would like to be considered for the Platinum award. Our Governors would like to send a nomination but we are unclear who is able to make nominations and what information they would need to include in this. Would the school then prepare evidence as with the Gold award? Sorry if this informaiton is on the site and i have missed it. Gail Knapton Long Bennington

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 1st Sep 2011 04:43

Hi Mrs Berry-Smith,

Glad you found your way to our Awards section in the end! Don't despair if you're still a little unsure, keep an eye on the website and in the magazine over the next few weeks, as we'll be uploading even more useful info about the Awards, we endeavour to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Mrs Berry-Smith Report this comment

Posted 23rd Aug 2011 11:38

Just found the section!!! It wasn't as obvious as I needed but that is probably just me!!!

Mrs Berry-Smith Report this comment

Posted 23rd Aug 2011 11:36

It would be really lovely to have an area where there are helpful tips on how to achieve each part of the awards. It is nice to read through everyone elses stories but a list of ideas conected to each part of each award would be REALLY useful.

Thank you.

Mr Andrews Report this comment

Posted 19th Oct 2010 09:32

We got the Silver award, but the music coordinator tried to organise it on his own. Not a good idea! For the Gold award we have set up a team to spread the 'load'

Your list of evidence suggestions is excellent. Keep them coming in!. Salusbury Primary London NW6

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