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This song is about pirates — they’re scary, bold and have a special flag so we know they’re coming!

Written by Lin Marsh

Used by permission of Faber Music

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Comments about Pirates!

Yaseen Report this comment

Posted 30th Nov 2012 08:40

my kids love this song, they think its amazing and they love pirates!

Mrs Leigh Report this comment

Posted 27th May 2011 08:47

Thank you from the pupils at The Birches. we asked for a pirate song to be put up and now here it is and the kids love it.

Mrs Clements Report this comment

Posted 3rd Jan 2011 10:15

The children love singing this song - it gives the opportunity to perform and tell the story with actions and vigour as well as excitement and suspense. It compliments and enhances themes across the curriculum.

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