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Allah Hoo

This is a qawwali, a type of Islamic devotional music popular in Muslim areas of northern India and Pakistan. It was made famous by the renowned qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Traditional Islamic

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Comments about Allah Hoo

Miss Gonzales Report this comment

Posted 10th Oct 2014 09:42

i like this song I'm using this for my assembly practise


Parsonse Report this comment

Posted 19th Jan 2013 03:08

i loved this song

Mrs Jemson Report this comment

Posted 12th Mar 2012 12:20

My Year 5's loved this song. What instruments are playing on the pitched accompaniment?

Miss Allen Report this comment

Posted 3rd Mar 2012 11:22

My class sung this, and I like the beat, it's quite catchy.

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 7th Nov 2011 04:44

Hi Mrs Nettleton,


The chorus is a traditional refrain in Urdu language Sufi devotional qawwalis, consisting of the word for God ('Allah') and Truth ('Hu' or 'Hoo').


We're glad you're all enjoying it!

Mrs Nettleton Report this comment

Posted 1st Nov 2011 12:16

Could you let me know what language this is in - have I missed it somewhere?

Ms Cook Report this comment

Posted 15th Sep 2011 05:29

Excellent for Wider Opps teachers.

Mrs Tahiri Report this comment

Posted 16th Jul 2011 11:27

Mashallah! Loved this song, this song should be used for Muslim students to sing, especially when they have Eid.

Teacher Shakeel Report this comment

Posted 30th Apr 2011 10:28

i love it well done to you all by making a good team



Teacher Shakeel Report this comment

Posted 27th Apr 2011 09:09

Mashallah {means well done] that is a good song i really love it

Jemma Forster Forster Report this comment

Posted 20th Feb 2011 05:14

It's a different type of song. Quite happy!

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