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Roller Ghoster

This is a fun, energetic 'story' song that is full of musical character. Great for Hallowe’en.

Words and Music by Alan Simmons

Used by permission of Boosey & Hawkes Ltd

Comments about Roller Ghoster

Mrs Mettler Report this comment

Posted 19th Jan 2012 07:44

this is the best song ever! i love it

Miss English Report this comment

Posted 26th May 2011 09:41

it's great, it's my favourite song that we sing in guitar lessons. Its a great and easy song to learn and so is could you tussel with a mussle

Miss Leapman Report this comment

Posted 20th May 2011 08:19

i love this song! its one of the best songs to have stuck in your head!!!

Miss Begley Report this comment

Posted 8th Mar 2011 09:00

I really enjoy this song, Alan Simmons you're a genius!

Miss Blackburn Report this comment

Posted 25th Sep 2009 10:01

Very tricky song and needs to be practised over again

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