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Kye kye kule

A traditional African call-and-echo song with syncopated (off-beat) rhythms.

Traditional African

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Comments about Kye kye kule

Miss Dorelus Report this comment

Posted 24th Jul 2018 06:39

I'm so glad I've found this! I can recall learning this song when I was a primary student and it's stuck with me all these years :)

Ms Mackiewicz Report this comment

Posted 13th Jun 2014 06:13

Mrs. Xylas/Joanna - Could you let me know what CD you're referring to? Thank you!

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 14th Oct 2011 01:02

Hi everybody,

We're glad you are all enjoying this song so much!


The song is from Ghana in West Africa and is a popular children's song of the Ewe ethnic group. Translations do vary but the one's you have found are pretty much bang on, like an African version of 'Heads, shoulders, knees & toes'!

Ms. Haring Report this comment

Posted 25th Sep 2011 12:55

I LOOOOOVE THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Dale Report this comment

Posted 21st Sep 2011 08:18

Can anyone tell me which African language this is sung in?

Miss Thompson Report this comment

Posted 10th Apr 2011 10:41

key key kule = head

kye kye kofinsa=shoulders

kofinsa langa=waist

kaka shi langa = knees

and this son is so good alll this is getting evry body exited

Miss Artuso Report this comment

Posted 16th Apr 2010 02:46

According to Google it translates as the suggested actions below, so


Hands on your head

Hands on your shoulders

Hands on your waist

Hands on your knees

Hands on your ankles

Hands on your ankles

Hands on your ankles, hey


Mrs. Xylas Report this comment

Posted 25th Mar 2010 10:32

I am a music teacher from the USA (now permanently in the UK), and I always used this song with my 7 or 8 year olds. There are hand motions that go with it as well. In our learning track on the CD, we were taught the pronunciation by a man from Ghana, Africa who told us that this song is sung by children there. Here are the motions that go with it. Tap four times for each body part and at the same time, twist at the waist left - right - left - right to match the beat of the music:


Kye kye kule = head

Kye kye kofinsa = shoulders

Kofinsa langa = waist

Kaka shi langa = knees


For the last part, only tap twice on each body part WITHOUT twisting at the waist:

Kum = ankles

adende = waist


for the final word (Hey!),

throw hands up in the air over the head.


I hope this helps!!


Mrs Elliott Report this comment

Posted 25th Mar 2010 11:57

I would like to know which part of Africa this song comes from, and also what the words mean. Thanks, Nicky Elliott

Ms Fairhead Report this comment

Posted 24th Mar 2010 07:19

I like this song and the backing track is lovely - can anyone tell me what the words mean?

Thank you for this one.

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