Music Manifesto

The Music Manifesto creates music-making opportunities for young people. It's the result of a unique collaboration between the then Department for Children, Schools and Families and then Department for Culture Media and Sport in partnership with many organisations and individuals.

It set out a five-year vision, on a mission to encourage children and young people to get involved in music making and singing.

The Music Manifesto believes in ‘music for all’, advocating a high quality school music curriculum and instrumental tuition out of school. Their agenda wants to make the transformational benefits of music more accessible to the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Music Manifesto and Sing Up

Sing Up is the result of successful campaigning by the Music Manifesto, and launched the Music Manifesto National Singing Programme, led by the Singing Ambassador, Howard Goodall.

Sing Up aims to make Britain a singing nation. It's about raising the profile of singing, making people aware of its health and learning benefits, and its power to transform lives and communities.

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Posted 25th Mar 2011 10:01

It is very fun and exciting to learn something new everyday!!!

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