• Q: Why are there no lyric sheets?

    A: Every song in the Song Bank has a melody line version of the score, which shows the lyrics, melody line and chord symbols of the song.

    We’ve provided these instead of lyric sheets, as you can use them in exactly the same way, whilst also following the rise and fall of the melody line against the lyrics as you sing.

    You can also display the lyrics in whiteboard mode. 

  • Q: I can't download songs. What do I do?

    A: In order to download, you first need to be a Sing Up Member, and then make sure that the songs you want to download are in your Sing Up Library or that you have enough download credits to unlock them from the Song Bank. 

    Download credits can be purchased at any point during the year through our Sing Up shop

    Find out more by watching our video tutorial

  • Q: Why can't I hear the songs?

    A: It's worth checking that your volume and sound settings are set so that you can hear sounds from other websites or CDs. If you still can’t hear the songs, it might be because you need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, and even a browser upgrade. Adobe Flash Player is free and safe to download, and you can find it here.

  • Q: I can't add a song to my Favourites. What do I do?

    A: Make sure you are logged in, as you will not be able to add songs to your Favourites otherwise.

    If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us. Select 'Song Bank user problems' for the subject line. In the body of the email please include the full details of the problems you are experiencing, as well as your full name, and the name of the school/organisation you are from.

  • Q: What are my Favourites?

    A: There are literally hundreds of songs in our Song Bank. We want you to have easy access to the songs that you feel are relevant to your lessons - or even those you personally like!

    The Favourites allow you to save all the material related to a song directly to your computer for use in the classroom. Once you have searched and found the required song simply add a song to your library by clicking on the Add to Favourites icon.

    If you are the first person to save a song which is not in the school's favourites, the song will automatically be added to the school's favourites, allowing you to share with your colleagues.

  • Q: I can't find a particular song. What do I do?

    A: To find a song you can:

    • Search the Song Bank using the search bar in the Songs & Activities area.
    • Use the A-Z of songs on the left-hand side to bring up all songs beginning with a certain letter.
    • Use the 'Display songs by' selection boxes to bring up songs suitable for a certain Key Stage, subject etc.


    If you are still not able to locate a song, it's possible we don't currently have it. If you would like to recommend a song for inclusion in the Song Bank, contact us!

  • Q: I've downloaded a song, but it won't play!

    A: There are a range of playing devices for computers to play audio tracks. If your version of Windows Media Player shows an error message when you try and play a song you have downloaded, try opening the song with iTunes.

    You can download iTunes for free here: iTunes

  • Q: I'm a trainee teacher. What are my options?

    A: Sing Up has been an invaluable resource for trainee teachers, and we recommend students sign up as an Individual Sing Up Member or speak to their college or university about taking up Membership for the whole organisation. 


  • Q: Where can I change my email?

    A: It's easy to change your email address. To do so, please log in and click on My Sing Up > Details. 

  • Q: I've lost my password/ How can I change my password?

    A: Don't panic! You can request your password by clicking on the Forgotten Password button found in the log-in Area of the Sing Up Homepage.

    If you've requested a password reminder but not received it, first check your junk email folder. If it's not there it might have been blocked by your internet security settings, so get in touch and we can send you it again. 

    You can change your password yourself by logging in and clicking on My Sing Up > Details. 

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