• Q: Can I get back issues of the Magazine?

    A: Yes! They are all available to order through our online store. They are free of charge; all you have to pay is postage and packing.

    You can also read and print all of the articles in our Magazine Area, and hear all of the Magazine songs in the Song Bank.

  • Q: We didn't get our Sing Up Magazine. What do I do?

    A: To receive the Sing Up Magazine you need to be a Sing Up Member and it either needs to be included in your package or you need to have added it as a top-up. 

    If you are the Sing Up Champion and have not received the Magazine, the first step is to check with your colleagues and the staffroom to ensure the Magazine has not already been circulated.

    If the Magazine cannot be located the next step is to contact us.

    Depending on availability, you can order some back issues from our online store.

  • Q: I’ve asked for a password reminder, but it hasn’t arrived!

    A: We send a reminder of your password to the email address that is also your username. If it hasn’t arrived into your inbox, it might have gone into your junk mail folder, so check there. 
    If your password isn’t in your spam/junk folder, and it hasn’t arrived after a working day since you requested it, please contact us.

  • Q: How much does it cost to register with Sing Up?

    A: Anyone can sign up as a 'Friend' user, free of charge, which will give you a taster of what the Sing Up site has to offer.

    There are different levels of Sing Up Membership. Please check out our Membership pages for more. 

  • Q: I can't view your videos

    A: We have a whole host of videos for your viewing pleasure, from warm-ups to informational features. Like many sites, our videos are hosted by YouTube.

    If you are experiencing problems viewing them, we recommend checking your internet browser is an up to date version (see Help! The website seems so slow!).

    If you are at school, you might find that your school network security is blocking YouTube. We recommend that you speak to your IT coordinator about which sites are allowed and which ones aren't.

    If you are still experiencing any problems, please contact us.

  • Q: I need a quick-fix way to speed up my Sing Up experience - help!

    A: If the site is running a little slow for you, here are a few pointers to help:

    • Upgrade your internet browser (eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) to the latest version.
    • Add Sing Up to your browser as a trusted site:
      • Select Tools from the top menu bar. Select Internet Options.
      • In the box that opens, go to the Security tab, and click on the green tick.
      • Click Sites. Untick the box that says Require server verification
      • Enter www.singup.org into the top box and click add.
      • Come back to the website. Select Tools, Delete Browsing History, then delete Temporary files/Cache and Cookies.
      • Return to the website. On your keyboard, hold down shift and Ctrl, and click Refresh in the top browser menu.

    If you are still experiencing problems, or would like to ask any questions about the website, please contact us.

  • Q: Help! The website seems so slow!

    A: We are constantly working towards making the website faster for all types of internet connections in all browsers.

    Some versions of Internet Explorer, and some high-security connections (like in schools, for example) have controls that block some images and processes on our website that helps it to work quickly. 

    If you are at school, you might find that your school network security is blocking features of the website (such as cookies) that enable you to view and download songs and resources. In this case, please talk to your IT co-ordinator about setting your school network to ‘allow all content’ from the Sing Up website.

    Our website runs fastest in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8/9 or Safari (for Mac users). Please note that the Sing Up website is incompatible with most versions of the AOL browser. 

    If you don't have these updates, download them here:

  • Q: How can I opt in/opt out of Sing Up emails?

    A: If you wish to receive emails relating to Sing Up and related activities or currently receive emails and do not want to anymore, please contact us selecting ‘Other’.

    You can also unsubscribe by following the link at the bottom of Sing Up Ebroadcasts.  

  • Q: How can I become the nominated person to receive the Magazine?

    A: As our Magazine is meant to be a shared school resource, the Sing Up Champion will receive the magazine to share with the rest of the school. 

    If you want to change your Magazine recipient, get in touch.

  • Q: I am a Sing Up Member but forgot to subscribe to the Magazine. What do I do?

    A: As a Sing Up School/Organisation Member you will receive one copy of the Sing Up Magazine with your Membership. If you wish to receive more than one copy, you can buy another subscription through our Sing Up shop

    If you are an Individual and want to add the Magazine subscription, you can do so at the point for ordering Membership, or can add it as an extra through the Sing Up shop.

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