• Q: What are download credits?

    A: Download credits allow you to download any song from the Song Bank, unlocking a wealth of content especially created for that song.

    For each song, one download credit is all you need to unlock all associated audio tracks (including performance, backing and echo tracks), sheet music, instrumental parts and lyrics plus any other specially-created resources. Because of licensing laws, sheet music needs to be printed within 12 weeks of unlocking it. Please print out and keep it in a safe place, as you won't be able to save a digital version.


    How to use a download credit 
    To use your download credits, search for the song you want and open the page. You can either click 'Download all' to the right of the song title, or click on each individual download icon next to the tracks. You'll be asked whether you are sure you want to use a credit, and if you are, confirm your selection. 

    All downloaded songs will appear in your Library. If you accidentally select to download the song again, don’t worry – the system will know that you have already downloaded it and won’t use another credit up.

    Find out more by watching our video tutorial.

    No download credits?
    Only Sing Up Members can purchase exclusive download credits. Join us today!

    Already a member?
    You can download anything from our exclusive digital songbook as part of your Membership package! 

    Want more?
    Visit our Shop to purchase extra download credits and check out our exciting top-up bundles to make the most of your Sing Up Membership.

    Missing something?
    If your school has already bought a top-up package and you don’t think the right amount of download credits has been added to your account, please give us a call on 020 7908 5148 and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Q: What do you get for one credit?

    A: One credit unlocks a wealth of content especially created for that song.

    For just one credit you unlock: all associated audio tracks (including performance, backing, echo and slowed-down echo track), sheet music, instrumental parts and lyrics plus any other resources, including, where available, our unique Accessible Learning Resources (braille song sheets, BSL and Makaton signed videos, Clicker 5 and Voca files and more). 

    As part of their basic Sing Up Membership fee, Members will still have full access to innovative song-specific activity ideas and lesson plans including curriculum links.

    Comparing these fantastic resources with what’s available on the market, we know this is incredibly good value.

  • Q: Our school size is wrong on your site.

    A: If you think we have your school’s pupil roll figures wrong, please get in touch with us.

  • Q: We’re a full-age range school, but our pupil roll number is made up of pupils from 3-16. Can we just pay for the primary-aged children?

    A: Yes, if you think your roll number should be smaller, but we are counting all of the pupils in the school, get in touch with us. We will need to see some confirmation (ie, from the Good Schools Guide, Ofsted details, your prospectus or a screen-grab from your administrator) confirming the number of primary children to make the change.

  • Q: I’m a bursar. How can I make the order for my school?

    A: As a bursar, you can either log in using one of your school’s existing logins (i.e. the Headteacher or the Music Coordinator) or you can register yourself during the payment process.

  • Q: Can I pay by invoice?

    A: When ordering online, you are able to select to pay by invoice. There is also a space for you to input your own purchase order number, if you need to link your order with your own records, but this is optional. 

     The invoice will be emailed to you for you to print off and process.

  • Q: Is there any way to share my knowledge or the singing resources that I have created myself through the Sing Up website?

    A: We plan to create forums where you can discuss and share good practice. In the meantime do keep in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this, why not join our Schools Panel, so you can help shape and inform the way the way Sing Up develops? We’re always interested in hearing how we can meet your needs. To find out more, please email magazine@singup.org.

  • Q: How can Sing Up help me fulfil the Government’s requirements for the music curriculum and Ofsted’s inspection framework?

    A: The Government now requires local musical provision to be delivered through Music Education Hubs, which stretch beyond school boundaries, drawing on the expertise of a range of specialists and agencies who can sew together a dynamic and rewarding music education for all children of all backgrounds. Sing Up has always had partnership working at its centre, and we have already forged strong relationships with many of the main agencies who will make up the Hubs. We can help schools to work in partnership with others by providing a ready-made framework.  

    On top of this, our extensive Accessible Learning work has resulted in us being leaders in engaging ‘hard to reach’ groups, including those with physical and communication barriers, those ‘at risk’, looked after children and children with severe learning difficulties. We’ve supported leaders and teachers to overcome barriers to learning, which is a key requirement of Ofsted.

    We have also proved, through research commissioned from the Institute of Education, that singing can play a key role in children’s development, boost their self-esteem, and significantly raise their singing ability. Our song materials assist learning across the curriculum – and we’ve heard teachers echo this time and again. 

  • Q: How does Sing Up fit in with the National Music Plan?

    A: Those of you who have been following the Government’s comments on Sing Up – first through Darren Henley’s Review of Music Education, and later in the National Music Plan – will know how highly Sing Up is valued and that our work continues to be recognised as important.


    The National Music Plan acknowledged that: Sing Up has shown what can be done to raise the status of singing and increase opportunities for school children throughout the country to enjoy singing as part of their everyday lives. In the spirit of partnership working, hubs may wish to draw on expertise from organisations such as Sing Up… to develop and deliver their singing strategies. This shows that the government recognises that Sing Up continues to offer a valuable programme of activity that answers many of the overarching singing, musical and partnership aims that schools, headteachers, music providers and local authorities need to meet.

    The National Music Plan underlines the importance of access to music for all children. Sing Up provides the resources and means for schools to not only give all children access to music and singing but also supports the development of users’ skills, helping them to become confident and able to lead quality singing in schools, through our Principles of Good Quality Vocal Leadership.

  • Q: What can I still get for free if I don’t pay for Membership?

    A: From April 2012, all non-paying website visitors will be able to access:

    • News & Success Stories
    • Limited additional content
    • 30 second audio samples of songs
    • Promotional video clips
    • Information about training courses near you

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