• Q: Why can't I acccess my Awards Profile?

    A: In order to do an Award you need to be a Sing Up Member school. Once you have logged in, click on the main Sing Up Awards tab at the top of the page and you should see another tab called 'Your Awards Profile' on the left hand side. If you are logged in and you don't see this, please email awards@singup.org

  • Q: I we take up an Awards journey, can we finish it after our Membership has expired?

    A: All schools working towards an Award must be Sing Up Members. This means that schools must complete their Award whilst they are Members, or renew their subscription if they have not finished. If you have any question about this, you can always contact the Awards team who will be happy to help you.

  • Q: Can you tell me about the new Awards?

    A: We launched a new Sing Up Awards Framework in April 2012 following feedback from those who have completed the original Award scheme.


    You can begin to plan for the new Awards Framework by downloading the Awards Handbook.

  • Q: What is a playlist?

    A: Your playlists allow you to order the Song Bank songs you need in categories created by you. This gives you access to groups of songs quickly and easily, for example 'Key Stage 2 History Favourites'. Your playlists can be found in 'My Sing Up' > 'My Playlists'. You will also be able to see the playlists made by other users at your school - 'School Playlists'.

  • Q: How do I delete an empty playlist?

    A: If you've not deleted a playlist when asked, you can trigger the option again by adding a new song to the playlist and then deleting it. You will then be asked if you want to delete the playlist.

  • Q: How do I delete a playlist?

    A: To delete a playlist, first delete each song from it. Once the playlist is empty you will be asked if you want to delete it. 

  • Q: What evidence can I submit for my Award?

    A: Certain criteria may state which types of evidence files are required to meet them, eg. one video/audio piece. Take a look at Chapter 4 (Silver) or Chapter 5 (Gold) of the Awards Handbook for more information on what evidence is required.


    The different document formats and media file types you should submit are:

    • Audio files can be in any of the following formats: .mp3, .mp4, .wma
    • Video files can be in any of the following formats: .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .mov, .m4v, .mp4
    • Image files can be in any of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif9, .png
    • Document files can be in any of the following formats: .doc, .xls, .pub, .ppt, .pdf, .txt, .gz, .log, .zip
  • Q: We've got a Sing Up Silver/Gold/Platinum Award. If we do not take up Membership would we lose our Sing Up Award?

    A: We are hoping that all our Award schools will take up and continue to renew their Membership, but if your school is unable to be a Member then the value of your national Sing Up Award will not change.


    We're aware of the need to sustain the singing activity in Award schools so we aim to look into a revalidation process in the future. If you have any suggestions about this then we'd love to hear your thoughts - please contact us.

  • Q: Where is the Sing Up Weekly Wall Chart on the website?

    A: You can download the Wall Chart from the Awards Ideas and Tips area within Resources to help you.

  • Q: I cannot submit images of children. How do I submit evidence for my Sing Up Award?

    A: When you send evidence, the only people who will view it are:

    1. your selected endorser
    2. the Sing Up Awards team


    It is best practice to get permission from parents and guardians for any images you take of children. However, if Sing Up wished to use any information or evidence for training or publicity, we would contact your school first.

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