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The Sing Up Awards are a great way to celebrate your singing achievements! Watch our film, featuring former Singing Ambassador, Howard Goodall, to find out how important the Awards have been for his school's singing development. 

Why do a Sing Up Award?

The Sing Up Awards are a great way to help map your singing journey, providing support and guidance. The key features of the Sing Up Awards are:

  • Accessible – all schools for primary-aged children can work towards and achieve an Award. This includes SEN schools which incorporate a wider age range
  • Flexible – you can tailor the Awards to suit your needs and circumstances
  • Support – taking part can connect your school to a supportive singing community
  • Journey – you build an online portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your school singing activity
  • Timeframe – an Award can be achieved within an academic year. 
  • Professional development  – the Awards support you to develop your singing practice and impact on the quality of singing and singing leadership across the school.
  • Progression – there is clear progression for pupils, staff, SMT and Governors within four strands: Participation, Breadth & Diversity, Leadership and Vision.
  • Achievement – a Sing Up Award can help bring about long term positive changes in your school life.
  • Recognition – the Awards recognise your school's singing achievements and success 

"Through completing our Award, the profile of music and singing within the school and community has grown from strength to strength.  Singing has brought our school together" 

The Awards criteria are accessible to all primary settings, showing clear progression as well as integrating the Principles of Good Quality Vocal Leadership. 

How do I pledge for an Award? 

In order to pledge and achieve an Award your school must have active Membership. 

To pledge for an Award, you simply need to login to your school’s account, click on the orange ‘Awards’ tab, and then click on ‘Pledge Now’. You will be guided through three initial stages:

  1. The Awards Terms and Conditions - you should read these carefully and then tick the box at the bottom when you are happy.
  2. Select an Awards Champion – although planning and achieving a Sing Up Award requires commitment from the whole school, your Awards Champion will often be the driving force behind your journey. As well as encouraging all staff and students to get involved, this individual is the one who pledges the school to the Sing Up Awards and completes the school’s profile. 
  3. Sing Activity Questionnaire – there will be a series of questions that will help you to assess the level of singing already going on in your school. 

Once you have completed these initial stages, you will be able to move on to complete the online Plan Form, which is where you can reflect on how you will meet each area of the criteria and what measures you might need to put in place.

Once you have submitted your plan form, you can begin to fill in the online Achieve Form. This is where you should tell us everything you are doing to meet the criteria and upload your supporting evidence. Finally you can submit your Award when you are ready to do so!

How long does an Award take? 

We do not set a timeframe for the Awards, because it will depend on the existing level of singing activity within your school. However, we encourage you to take as much time as is needed for you to thoroughly embedded singing into your school life and meet all the criteria for an Award. The Sing Up Awards are about taking the school on a journey to become a singing school, and you can take as long you need in order to achieve that! If you do not achieve the Award within your Membership year don’t worry, nothing will be lost. Simply renew your Membership to continue your singing journey.  

Please note: if you are thinking of going for a Platinum Award, you must have held a Gold Award for at least one term. 

How much does an Award cost?

Anyone with Sing Up Membership can benefit from our Awards resources and plan their steps to becoming a singing school. The fees for the Awards cover the cost of endorsement, certificates and plaques for Platinum schools and are as follows: 

£30* Silver 

£50* Gold 

£100* Platinum (plus an additional £75 if the Award is put ‘In Discussion’ and needs to be re-endorsed). 

*Please note the prices above exclude VAT, therefore VAT will be added to your invoice.  

Having problems pledging? 

Please have a look in our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has been answered, and if not email

A school, but not a Member? Get Membership now to start your Awards journey today!

Not a school? If you love singing and Sing Up but you can't apply for an Award, get in touch with any schools you know and let them know about Sing Up, the Awards and the benefits of singing.

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