What's your singing strategy?

Sing Up's unique package is the complete singing solution - the key to successful singing in schools.

What's your singing strategy?

Sing Up Membership has been expertly devised to keep singing at the heart of your school life, offering the complete singing solution. 

Suitable for all levels of expertise, our Membership and integrated support will liven up core curriculum subjects as well as provide great ideas and songs for assemblies, choirs and celebrations. 

Keep the whole place singing and become a Sing Up Member today.

Sing Up transforms school life, improves learning and builds stronger communities.

"Sing Up has helped our children with their learning across all subjects, developing their concentration and memory retention, and creating a real sense of belonging. It’s brought a feel-great factor to our school." 

–Chao Cox, Music Co-ordinator, Grimsdell Mill Hill Pre-Preparatory School

"I really don’t see how any primary school teacher gets by without using Sing Up. It brings the power of song to everyone regardless of ability and transforms the classroom environment." 

–Jackie Schneider, Music Teacher at Poplar Primary and St Teresa’s Primary Schools


Great Value

At around £1 per pupil per year, Sing Up is excellent value. You'll get...

  • Access to our unique Song Bank, bursting with over 500 curriculum-tagged songs
  • Each song is specially arranged for children's voices and comes with everything you need to make teaching them fun and easy - complete with multiple audio tracks, sheet music and teaching activities
  • 40-75 download credits to use on the most diverse library of children's songs available with everything from choral classics to pop hits and they're yours to keep!
  • 100% choice - you decide the songs you want to download, whenever you want to download them
  • Unlimited online streaming - play our songs as much as you like
  • Unlimited on-demand digital training and CPD to enhance your music leadership skills. Our pioneering webinars allow you to take part in training from the comfort of your classroom or armchair. 
  • An exclusive Sing Up magazine every term featuring 10 NEW songs on CD plus tailored resources and practical tips

Top of the Class

  • Sing Up songs are specially recorded to support and develop children's voices, ensuring the singing you do each day is healthy singing that sounds great
  • Sing Up offers some of the most popular songs going! Covering everything from Number One hits to foreign language lullabies, singing along to Sing Up songs can make you feel like pop stars, choral connoisseurs or rock legends!
  • Singing schools are happy schools. Not only does singing help instil confidence and feelings of unity, the cardiovascular benefits are proven too 
  • You've noticed how easy it is to learn things when you sing them. Singing embeds learning deep into the fabric of school life. Raise your singing voices and your aspirations!

“Learning songs and rhymes has had a big impact on the youngest children and early acquisition of language. It has helped their phonics and listening skills.”

 –Teacher, Samuel Lucas JMI School

Help kids find their voice

From our six years' of experience at the forefront of music education as the singing-in-school experts – recognised with the Royal Philharmonic Society’s (RPS) Education Award and by the National Plan for Music Education, we know that Sing Up's unique synergy of songs, resources and training is the key to successful singing in schools.

With such wide-ranging benefits for pupils and staff, talk to your Headteacher about Sing Up. If the benefits reach beyond the music room, shouldn't the budget too?

Keep the whole place singing by becoming a Sing Up Member today. Order online or place an order over the phone. If you'd like to chat to a member of our team about Membership, give us a call now on 020 7908 5148. 


Are you an Individual or Freelancer working in schools?

Starting at just £60+VAT, we've got something just for you too. Have a look at our Membership page for more.

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