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Senwa dedende

This is a section of a much longer narrative song about a lazy vulture who builds his nest and when the rains come he can’t remember where he built it. This information comes from Veronica Eduamah who was working in Chudleigh in Devon. She was from Ghana.



Comments about Senwa dedende

Miss Vicarage Report this comment

Posted 5th Jan 2016 04:06

The meaning is explained at the top of the page under the title- the bit about the lazy vulture!

Miss Tittley Report this comment

Posted 23rd May 2015 08:01

Great song, but what do the words mean?

Mrs Are Report this comment

Posted 10th Jun 2014 06:48

It's a great song.

Kouame Report this comment

Posted 30th May 2012 02:27

i got taught this too

School Kid Lally Report this comment

Posted 25th Mar 2011 03:55

I go to Primary School and we got tought this!

Miss Tailor Report this comment

Posted 16th Dec 2010 07:55

Great song, I taught this to my school!

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