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Fairtrade song

This is one of the Eden Project songs from the School Trip Singalong. Use it to get children thinking about how our actions can have a significant impact on the lives of those in other parts of the world.

Words by Sharon Durant



Comments about Fairtrade song

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 1st Sep 2011 04:51

Hi all,


Thanks for the feedback! To make the learning process simpler, perhaps begin with "I love the flowers" - your pupils will recognise the melody line and become familiar with it before the round kicks in and things get a little more complicated! Or you might like to rely on learning/following the melody from the music sheets, rather than just doing it by ear.

Miss Farrier Report this comment

Posted 22nd Aug 2011 03:19

The round version is too confusing, please could you add a simple melody version please!

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