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Life is what you make it

This feel good pop song is full of excitement at the endless possibilities of life. Kids will love the wordless vocalising sections!

Words and Music by Jo Noel-Hartley

Comments about Life is what you make it

Mr Kelly Report this comment

Posted 10th Mar 2016 01:48

i love this song

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 3rd Feb 2016 01:30

Hello Mrs Clarck,


Thanks for your comment. You can view the lyrics for this song by clicking on 'Lyrics/Whiteboard' (above). Please note that this song is available to Sing Up Members.


Please do get in touch with any other questions.

Mrs Clarck Report this comment

Posted 28th Jan 2016 07:15

How do you put words up


Miss Ginty Report this comment

Posted 28th Jul 2010 04:17

Love this song. Teaching it to Year 4, and year 5 ALWAYS want to sing it too!

Miss Eaton Report this comment

Posted 17th Jul 2010 01:06

i love this song

Ms Partridge Report this comment

Posted 4th Jun 2010 11:45

Really upbeat song with brilliant message. Will use it in my class assembly. Thankyou!

Mrs Kazmi Report this comment

Posted 4th May 2010 06:57

my daughter recommends Hannah Montana's song 'life is what you make it' but I think that this piece is a little better

Miss Bird Report this comment

Posted 26th Mar 2010 06:27

Absolutely love this song. I teach sing up around schools and my years 5 and 6 ALWAYS want to sing it!!!!

Mrs Hunt Report this comment

Posted 12th Mar 2010 04:01

We're hosting a KS2 Vocal Festival next week and this is THE favourite song we're singing. xx

Mrs Burnell Report this comment

Posted 4th Oct 2009 07:41

Absolutely LOVE this - really uplifting musical theatre/gospel track! Can't wait to teach it!

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