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Dona nobis pacem (Give us peace)

This beautiful setting of well-known Latin words will encourage really gentle singing.

Roman Catholic Mass

Comments about Dona nobis pacem (Give us peace)

Mrs Edwards Report this comment

Posted 16th Oct 2016 01:03

I remember learning this when I was a child. Still love it to this day.

Mrs Dutton Report this comment

Posted 17th Mar 2012 05:54

Take care with the pronunciation - we sang this in an Eisteddfod and the adjudicator said it should be 'Dough-na (rather than Donna) Nobees (rather than Nobis) Pahchem. Lovely song though!

Mr Purves Report this comment

Posted 26th Nov 2010 10:54

You can sing this in French. change the lyrics to


"Seigneur, donne-nous la paix" = Lord give us peace



Mrs Daurge Report this comment

Posted 4th Oct 2010 08:49

Terrific for introducing young children to harmony through a round!

Mrs. Wendy Daurge

Mrs Gebhardt Report this comment

Posted 21st Sep 2010 07:45

Brilliant for introducing primary children to singing a Latin song. We loved it!

Miss Gebhardt

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