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Easy peasy Harvest!

This is a great Harvest time song that is a bit like a word search. Listen carefully for all the foods hidden in the lyrics!

Words and Music by Sheila Wilson

Used by permission of Redhead Music

Comments about Easy peasy Harvest!

Miss Burnett Report this comment

Posted 28th Sep 2014 10:46

great song you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I L o v e

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 23rd Oct 2013 03:09

Hi Murphy,

It's great to hear you want to use Sing Up with your daughter.

To access Sing Up's songs, you do need to become a Sing Up Member. As a Free user, you can download and play the songs in your Sing Up Library. You'll find you have 10 in there to enjoy!


Murphy Report this comment

Posted 15th Oct 2013 05:03

hi, i've just joined for my 7 year old daughter and i'm logged in but unable to hear anything more than the preview. do i need to pay the £60/any fee to be able to hear the full songs?

The Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 10th Oct 2013 12:23

Dear Coles - to play any song in our Song Bank, you will need to first become a Member! You can do so by following any of the links around the site for Membership. Hope this helps!

Coles Report this comment

Posted 4th Oct 2013 09:45

I want to listen to it and it will not let me

Miss Cunningham Report this comment

Posted 27th Nov 2011 04:27

I love it, it's lovely

Miss Bloomer Report this comment

Posted 5th Oct 2011 08:57

Brilliant song!

Mr Goud Report this comment

Posted 11th Sep 2011 07:16

This is superb. The kids love it!

Miss Leapman Report this comment

Posted 16th Jun 2011 10:51

Why has no one thought of a song like this before!? its hilarious!

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