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A Sing Up Green Light for Red Marsh

Our First SEN school has received its Silver Award. Find out how they were inspired to perform.

Red Marsh School in Lancashire, teaching children and young people with severe learning and autistic spectrum disorders, have been using Sing Up throughout 2009. They’ve enjoyed it so much, they sang in a major regional choir concert AND received a Silver Award.

Starting Out

Singing had always played an important part in the school day, bringing smiles to the pupils’ faces and helping their learning. When Sing Up was introduced, Ian Squire, Red Marsh’s Music leader, wanted all teachers to get involved; ‘At first some were very reluctant to sing in front of their children. But gradually teachers and teaching assistants that hadn’t sang much with their children began to do more and more singing. Sing Up has massively increased our repertoire and has proved to be a big hit with the children.’

The Big Concert

In the autumn, all the hard work paid off. Ian and his students were invited to sing at the Sing Up for Your Friends concert at Preston Guild Hall. It was a day that they will never forget. Ian comments, ‘It was awesome singing with 600 other children. The sound we all made was amazing, especially accompanied by the excellent live band. The children still sing the songs from the concert and one boy, James carries the CD of the songs around with him everywhere! In terms of raising their confidence and self-esteem, it was invaluable.’ 

Advice for Others

For Red Marsh, Sing Up has inspired both children and teachers alike. When asked if he had any tips on newcomers Sing Up, he advises that teachers simply immerse themselves in it; ‘Don't be afraid to join in and have a go. There are songs for every occasion and theme. The children will soon tell you which songs they love. You never know, you may even start to enjoy it!

We are delighted to announce that Red Marsh have now received their Silver Award. Start your own journey by visiting the Awards area.

Have you got an inspiring Sing Up story? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Email us through Contact Us.

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