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Rockin' down the river

Over 200 children from schools in Manchester participated in an inspiring 'Riversong' performance

Rockin' down the river

On April 13th, the Manchester Health Academy and 6 partner primary schools from Wythenshawe, Manchester held a performance of ‘Riversong’ with over 200 children from across the schools.

Year 4 Pupils from Button Lane Primary School, Northenden Community Primary School, Rackhouse Primary School, St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School, Sandilands Primary School and St Wilfrid’s C of E Primary School all took part in the project which began in October 2010.

The aim of the project is to promote musical links between all the schools, extend the vocal work each school had been doing through Sing Up and to support and engage staff in delivering the singing curriculum.

‘Riversong’ (Stilitz/Garmen) tells the story of the water cycle through song, movement and instrumental work. Morvern Sinclair, Performing Arts advisor at the Manchester Health Academy explained:

‘I visited each primary school every week and worked with the pupils on vocal exercises, technique and the repertoire for the production. We covered a lot of extra repertoire, using the Sing Up website as the main resource. Each class made so much progress that I found time within the production to individually showcase each school performing one song from the Sing Up website, in addition to performing ‘Riversong’ as a massed group. The primary staff were really enthusiastic and supportive. It was a fantastic opportunity, brilliant experience and something that we won’t forget.’

The 'Riversong' performance was an action-packed and fun-filled afternoon and evening for all. 

There are some lovely songs about water on the Song Bank, why not try Wade in the water or our specially tailored lesson plan about water supply.

Take a peek at this video of River Songs at the Thames Festival.

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