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Unbridled enthusiasm in Bridlington

Sing Up Community funded programme works towards an Arts Award

Unbridled enthusiasm in Bridlington

Sing Up Bridlington is a Sing Up Community funded programme run by Opera North. As part of their Sing Up journey, Headlands school year 7 participants worked towards an Arts Award. 

With the aide of our magnificent resources (if we do say so ourselves!) and support from the wider Sing Up community, we are very proud to announce that each and every one of these students has now passed their Bronze Arts Award - a huge achievement for these young people!

Their teacher described how much the project has helped the pupils develop their listening and teamworking skills:

"One girl in particular - whose primary school had recommended be sent to a special school and was so painfully shy at the start of the year that her IEP had been simply ‘to make one friend’ - amazed us all by singing a solo confidently in front of the whole class!"

Singing has an unbridled record of aiding students with low levels of self-esteem or self-confidence - read more about singing for wellbeing

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