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Music Education Review published

Darren Henley publishes findings and recommendations following his review of music education in England

Music Education Review published

On 7 February 2011 Darren Henley, Managing Director of Classic FM, published the findings and recommendations following his review of music education. His full report, Music Education in England – A Review, and the Government's response, can be found here.

The review’s second recommendation is that:- 

‘Singing should be an important part of every child’s school life from Early Years through until at least Key Stage 3’. 

The Government's response to the recommendation includes the following:-

‘Singing is important for all children and young people. We know that teachers value the resources provided through Sing Up, the National Singing Programme. We intend to support that programme for a further year so that it can continue to provide those resources whilst working towards a position of self-sustainability.’ 

In response, Sing Up's Programme Director Baz Chapman said:-

“We are encouraged that the Government has decided to continue to support Sing Up, although at this stage we have no indication of what the levels of funding may be.  

“We’ve developed a programme renowned across the world, which has had a hugely positive impact on children throughout England and genuinely changed the culture of singing in our primary schools. 

“We are also delighted to hear that the Henley Review has received so much praise for Sing Up, particularly for its website and Song Bank. However, we know that it takes more than songs to make a singing school. Sing Up’s success has been rooted in the relationship between resources, training and professional development and direct activity, including our Awards for singing schools. Confident and skilled teachers in the classroom, working with expert music practitioners, will deliver the quality of singing we should expect in schools, a view backed up by both head teachers and Ofsted. 

“The Sing Up Consortium is committed to working with Government and the music education sector over the coming year to build on this successful model towards a sustainable future.” 

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Comments about Music Education Review published

Ms Bellringer Report this comment

Posted 7th Feb 2011 05:36

(Singing) Alleluia!! We told Henley, he told Gove. Can it be the govt has listened?! All looks promising, let's hope the funding levels are workable. More power to your collective elbows. Off to read the report itself...

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