Spread a little singing this Christmas

Our campaign to get more people singing carols this December

Spread a little singing this Christmas

This Christmas we're mounting a campaign to encourage everyone to get out and sing carols to spread a little seasonal cheer. Carol singing is being seen more and more as the preserve of organised groups raising money for charity (which, of course, is a good thing too!), but we want to encourage everyone to go out around their local neighbourhood to sing carols for the sheer happiness it brings to both those singing and those listening. At Christmas time, what more do you need in return than a smile and a mince pie?

We ran a poll recently to find out whether people would prefer carol singing at Christmas to spooky sweet collecting at Halloween. What we learned was that while 32% of people observed mostly trick-or-treating taking place in their community (in comparison to just 20% seeing carol singing happening locally), a huge 59% would prefer to see and participate in carol singing. The people we asked explained that they relish the traditional aspect of carol singing, as well as the joy of spreading goodwill, the enjoyment children get out of it, and the sense of community it fosters. We think those figures speak for themselves - let's get carolling!

Michelle James, Chief Executive of Sing Up, says: "Although we appreciate the fun of dressing up at Halloween, we think it is a shame that it seems to have replaced carol singing as a commonplace door-to-door activity in the winter months and would love to see more people, particularly children, going out and singing carols at Christmas. Singing and hearing carols makes the season feel so festive and we are sure that some nice singing would brighten up everyone's December."

To prove that carolling is great fun for everyone and still enjoyed by many, the Sing Up staff went out on 1st December to spread a little seasonal singing. With just two rehearsals beforehand, we headed to the streets of central London to spread festive cheer. As we hoped, a crowd soon gathered round to enjoy their favourite carols and Christmas hits.

We are now encouraging you, your school and wider communities to do the same! Sing Up's free carol booklet is available now. This Christmas, help us encourage ordinary folk to get out and get singing.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Sing Up!


If you are going carol singing this Christmas, share your story with us at magazine@singup.org

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Comments about Spread a little singing this Christmas

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 15th Dec 2016 10:58

Thanks for the feedback Ms Ling.

We do have backing tracks in our Song Bank for most of the songs in the carol booklet. However, we have tried to pick well-known tunes that are easy to memorise so that you can hopefully learn the songs with or without a backing track.

Ms Ling Report this comment

Posted 13th Dec 2016 07:32

Thank you very much for the carol singing booklet. However, what would be really great would be some modern backing tracks to some of these great traditional carols to help teach the children the songs before they go out singing.

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