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Ame sau vala tara bal

This is a beautiful Gujarati devotional song. Its melody is based on the Bhairavi Raag. It has a very strong pulse which could inspire movement and choreography.

Words and music by Nirmala Shah Report song usage

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Comments about Ame sau vala tara bal

Ms Karam Report this comment

Posted 26th Aug 2019 04:57

What are the rappers saying? I want to do this with my students and have some to the chant parts.

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 13th Jul 2016 11:39

Hello Ms Cole,


Thanks for your comment. I'm afraid that no echo track was created for Ame sau vala tara bal. However, when you are teaching this song, you might find it useful to bear in mind that much of the vocal line is in a 'call and echo' format, which almost works like an echo track in itself!


I hope this helps, and that you and your pupils will enjoy singing this song.

Ms Cole Report this comment

Posted 8th Jun 2016 11:29

Is there an echo track to help learn this song?

Mr. Konefal Report this comment

Posted 19th Sep 2012 04:35

Love it

Fearnehough Report this comment

Posted 22nd Apr 2012 12:08

i love this song, i'm in secondary school but i love it and i cant stop singing it!!

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 12th Mar 2012 11:57

Hi Miss Allen,


It's sung in Gujarati whichi is an Indo-Aryan Language. You can see the translation into English by clicking on the 'translation' button just above the lyrics. We're glad you like it!

Miss Allen Report this comment

Posted 3rd Mar 2012 11:26

This is a cool song and the beat is catchy, and what language is this in?

Let The World Sing Bowden Report this comment

Posted 24th Nov 2010 07:56

this is a fun song i could dance to it all night

Mrs Brindley Report this comment

Posted 10th Nov 2010 09:46

We really enjoyed singing in Indian and using drums and bells to this song during our multicultural week.

6N - Rykneld Primary

Nadira's Songs Ahmed Report this comment

Posted 23rd Sep 2010 06:36

i love this song!

Mrs Calder Report this comment

Posted 18th May 2010 03:51

Wow! I love it!

Miss Browne Report this comment

Posted 28th Apr 2010 08:00


Mrs Wood Report this comment

Posted 21st Sep 2009 12:21

This song is an absolutely brilliant example of classical gujarati music. We need more examples of this if possible!

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